Mike Rose Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis of Mike Rose Emotional, ethical, and logical appeals are all methods used in writing to perused you one way or another on various topics. Mike Rose used all of these techniques in this essay, to show how student who are pushed aside, distracted, or fall behind and fail. In this essay Rose describes that students who have teachers who are unprepared, or incompetent majorly contribute to student failure. He is trying to show that many children have potential that is overlooked or sometimes even ignored, by authority. Emotional appeal is a method using persuasion to receive and emotional response, a good example of this is when Mike Rose’s scores got switched and his parents didn’t know the consequences of the schools’ actions. I feel like the Rose family was put in a very vulnerable situation. “Neither I nor my parents realized what this meant. We had no sense that Business Math, Typing, and English-Level D were dead…show more content…
Mike Rose took an admission test to find out where he would be placed in the school system, there was another child with the last name Rose. Apparently this other child had done poorly on his admissions test, being placed in a vocational school. While the author Rose had done well enough to get into a standard school. The two children’s scores got switched so the author Rose got placed in the vocational school. “The other Rose apparently didn't do very well, for I was placed in the vocational track, a euphemism for the bottom level.”. Rose and his family were unware of the scores being switched, and they didn’t realize what this meant for Rose and his future. The school should have taken action on this problem by switching the scores back and placing the two children in the programs they tested into originally. This connects to Rose’s main idea by showing that the children were overlooked, and that the school was not prepared for this situation to
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