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To his school, and the people in charge of vocational [remedial] education, Mike Rose, along with all the other students taking remedial courses were defined as "slow". Regardless of what they did and did not know. Vocational education has been aiming to increase the economic opportunities of students who don 't do well in schools. Like most students, once you tell them they are not capable of doing something, that 's what they start believing. Rose became one of the students who would fool around in class, did the bare minimum to get by. He described the Voc. Ed. curriculum as something that 'isn 't designed to liberate you but to occupy you '. He couldn 't understand why Ken Harvey just "wanted to be average", because what 's so good about average? Being average after being told your whole life you 're "slow", is almost like being the smart kid in the room with the "slow" ones. As a student who attends a technical high school, spending 50% of the school year in a classroom learning the basic curriculum [compared to a normal high school], we are defined as the "slow" ones. Rose 's describes his…show more content…
Rose describes school as a 'tremendously disorienting place ' and place where you were going to encounter 'notions that don 't fit with the assumptions and beliefs that you grew up with. ' I believe one thing he didn 't understand why it was happening was the curriculum isn 't designed to liberate you but to occupy you. So in short, they thing they were teaching these students isn 't how to become a better student or how to simplify algebraic fractions, it 's how to keep you bust until you met the requirements to graduate. That 's not something you expect from an educator, you expect them to want the best for you, the ones who help you achieve goals. not the ones who are stopping you from seeing you have goals. He describes the education like in the manner he chooses because your education should not be primarily filled with people who expect anything
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