Mike Rose's Essay What College Can Mean To The Other America

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Mike Rose is an internationally recognized writer, educator and specialist in composition. In his essay, “What College can Mean to the Other America”, Rose starts off by dating back to nearly 50 years since Michael Harrington wrote “The Other America”, to put an emphasis on the similarities of the society 50 years ago, compared to present day. Rose writes an exceptionally moving essay about the rigid school system, and how it forsakes students who cannot afford tuition fees. He paints a very vivid picture of the students he encountered. Those who were not able to pay for their tuition, and how inauspicious it currently affects them.
It is apparent that Rose argues college tuition should be free. Putting forth an acute and extremely persuasive argument to support his claim: tuition should not in the least be, an impediment in pursuing higher education. The author effectively expounds logos when he argues that “A certificate or degree alone will not automatically lift them out of hard times—there is a bit of magic-bullet thinking in these college initiatives—but
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Investing in college education would yield a high return since, students who graduate from a four year college without any debts, make significantly more than they used to with other inferior degrees. This also generates revenue into the country which improves the country’s economic position. Moreover, college educated students become more open minded and diverse when they interact socially with other students and teachers from different parts of the world. College educated students also have the potential to learn different religions and cultures. In the world we live in today, it is very essential for people to be open minded and have an idea of other people’s cultures. College students also have the ability to become multilingual just interactions between fellow
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