Mike Trout Research Paper

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There are over 850 baseball players currently in the MLB. Each fan has their favorite player or an opinion on who is the best MLB player. Anyone that doesn’t say Mike Trouts name in this category would be wrong. Because Mike Trout has won two MVP awards in a row from the all star game, and that has never been done before. He could win three in a row. We will see this year. Another reason that Mike Trout is the best player in baseball is that Mike Trout has been leading Major League Baseball in home runs, and runs scored.
Mike Trout plays better than anybody else on there birthday. His last birthday he hit three home runs in that one game. Also pretty much all of the commentators are saying that nobody can pitch to Mike Trout, because he hits the ball anywhere you put it. Inside, outside, up, or down. He is going to hit it every time. The commentators are also saying that Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are the two best players in Major League Baseball. You
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Mike Trout hit 41 home runs and 2 grand slams!! There hitting is pretty much the same, but the difference is the speed. Mike Trout is the fastest player in the MLB, and that is a fact. Mike Trout and Albert Pujols batting back to back are one of the best duos in the MLB. In a lot of games in 2015 they hit back to back home runs. It is really fun to watch when they both catch fire like that.
The reason Mike Trout is the best Player in the MLB maybe the best player of all time, is because he has it all. He has the speed, the awareness, the modesty, the power to drive the ball, and the athleticness. That is what it takes to be the best... Just like Mike Trout. He worked so so hard to be where he is today. It is not just Mike Trout’s offence that is amazing, his defence is unstoppable. When somebody thinks they hit a homerun Mike Trout comes out of no man 's land and catches that ball. He has the offence and the defence. That is why Mike Trout is the
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