Mike Tyson: The Greatest Boxer Of All Time

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Mike Tyson some would say the greatest heavy weight champion ever for his power and dominance of the sport of boxing at age 20 years old he set records amazed many and seemed unbeatable .When people think about Mike Tyson they think about Power, Speed, Defense, and Combinations. When people think about boxing they think about knockouts, blood, and punches that can bring serious damage in the future to a person. Well Mike Tyson was known just for that he was even ranked No.1 as hardest hitter in heavyweight history. Coming into the boxing world Tyson won two junior Olympic Gold medals in 1981 and the following year in 1982 he also won both of those matches by Knock Outs(Are, Jackee. "5 Reasons Why Mike Tyson Is the Greatest Boxer of All-Time."…show more content…
He was the only boxer in history to unite three titles and to do that so early in his career at the age of 20 was mind blowing. To do that so early was dream all boxers could never reach even Muhammed Ali known as one of the greatest boxers of all time never accomplished that in his career. Standing at only 5'10 Tyson stroke fear into many boxers hearts even those who were taller and bigger then him. Know as a ferocious fighter Tyson was relentless and wanted to send you home in defeat and make you feel the pain he felt growing up in the streets. He possessed many attributes like his speed, defense, and hard hits. The one many Admire and I myself also admired was his amazing defense that guy moved in a way the made him look untouchable. To be 200 pounds and to be built and to move in that fashion was truly incredible. The men fought with a cool head just like Ali and his timing for his punches were on point and precise. "He once said that it's not all about how hard the punch is but how accurate and hard the punch is"(Iron Mike Tyson I'm the best). Those words speak a lot of truth because the men thrown punches on parts of the body perfectly that left fighters…show more content…
Tyson punches that he throw were many that I never seen any boxer could compare. He would was so equal in power in both his left hand and right . He would through and left punch to your side then a right to you jaw then he would uppercut you with his left the punches that he threw were unreal and he was like a machine he just would never stop and was relentless. Mike Tyson is the most controversial heavyweight champion in boxing history(Aiyer, Akshay. "How Good Was Mike Tyson as a Boxer?" - Quora. Akshay Aiyer, 28 Feb. 2015. Web. 06 May 2016 ). Fans and historians alike vehemently argue over whether Iron Mike deserves to be rated among the all time greats. Some fans insist that the young Tyson was perhaps the most dangerous if not the greatest heavyweight champion in history, while others argue that Tyson has been vastly over-rated citing that he lost all of his legacy fights(Aiyer, Akshay. "How Good Was Mike Tyson as a Boxer?" - Quora. Akshay Aiyer, 28 Feb. 2015. Web. 06 May 2016 ). Both views have some
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