Mike Tyson's Boxing: Mike Tyson

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Boxing is the sport which is inspiring many people around the world including me. The man who drew my attention toward boxing was Mike Tyson. According to ESPN he is the most devastating and hard hitter boxer of all time.
Mike Tyson was well known by his rage in the ring and he was too much ferocious inside and outside the ring as well. He is the youngest heavyweight champion ever who won the title of Heavyweight boxing at the age of 19. The prime era of mike Tyson was 1986 to 1992. He become the Baddest man on the planet when he knocked out Marvis Frazier(Son of the great Boxer joe frazier) in 1st Round and after that he won WBC Heavyweight title from Trevor berbick by Knocking him down and commentator said “And we have new era Boxing”.
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