Milagro Beanfield War Analysis

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The term “Milagro” in the movie entitled “Milagro Beanfield War” is a Spanish word which means “miracle”. Some people do not believe in miracle as they feel that miracles are acts beyond the nature of laws, but some people do. Nevertheless, in this movie, miracles play vital roles in helping the poverty-stricken Hispanic community in Mexico to fight against the aristocratic developer who thinks that they’ll be able to develop the lands without much protest from the community due to its jurisdiction of the local water rights. However, the developer’s efforts to expand the lands are thwarted. No one can predict the insurmountable amount of miracles that transpired in the village actually do much help in abetting the villagers to fight for their rights. In this movie, miracle means hope for continuation of life, ability to attain goals and purposes, and the ability to survive under dangerous circumstances in the…show more content…
In this movie, Joe is immensely fortunate as the villagers are always there for him when he is in the most menacing circumstances. In one incident, the Devine sends its minions to subjugate Joe’s cow and tries to accuse Joe for allowing his cow to graze the grass of the Federal Government. When Joe attempts to get back his cow, he is threatened with gun by one of the minions. However, he is rescued by the villagers just in time. Besides, Joe also successfully escapes from death when one of the villagers comes to his assist when Kyril Montana attempts to kill him. Joe is immensely terrified at that jiffy as he is not equipped with weapon to fight with the ignoble Kyril. As fortunate as he is, Joe is again saved by one of the villagers in the nick of time. These rescues appear to be a miracle to Joe as if it is not for the villagers to appear in time and save Joe, Joe will definitely be killed by the Devine’s people. Thus, miracle means the ability to survive under perilous
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