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During the peak of Australian summer, your air conditioner is no doubt running at capacity trying to keep you and your family nice and cool. However, when foul smells start to waft out of your air conditioner vents, the unit gets switched off faster than you can say "yuck". Where is that smell coming from, and how could you have prevented it from occurring in the first place?

Stinky Feet Smell

When you turn on your air conditioner and the scent of smelly feet wafts through the air, chances are you 'll be reaching for the off switch fast. When water doesn 't drain away from the air conditioning unit properly, the water sits and stagnates. Not only does this cause the smelly feet odour, but stagnant water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes so you want it gone fast.
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Having your air conditioning unit maintained annually could have avoided this problem from occurring as drainage pipes are looked at during this inspection.

Mouldy Mildew Smell

Another vile scent that can invade your home when water builds up in your air conditioning unit is the musty odour that lets you know you have mould or mildew growing inside your home. Mould and mildew spores can affect the breathing ability of the young, the elderly and also those with compromised respiratory systems.

There are two areas in your air conditioner that could be contributing to the mildew smell. Firstly, the clogged drain area means there is excess moisture not being moved away. This moisture can be the beginning of mold growth once the summer heat warms up the area the moisture is located.

Secondly, excess moisture could be getting trapped in your filter. Your air conditioning filter should be changed monthly when it is under heavy load during summer, and by doing this you can avoid moisture from soaking into it and growing gunk.

Rotten Eggs
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