Mildred D. Taylor's Song Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Mildred D. Taylor was born on September 13, 1943. She was born in Jacksonville, Florida. Her entire family has lived in the state of Mississippi ever since the beginning of slavery. A few weeks after her birth, her father wanted more freedom and chose to move to Toledo, Ohio. She lived there for 22 years. Her father chose Toledo because, he had a group of friends that already lived there and he felt they could help him out. After they moved to Ohio, they still take trips back to the south. What Taylor saw would shape the storyline for some of her most exciting novels. At the age of 10, she was the only African American in her class so, she was surprised of how basic and general her schools textbooks were about the history of African Americans.…show more content…
She was disappointed, so she shortly returned to Ethiopia. When she returned to the U.S.A she moved to Los Angles. She married Errol Zea-Daly in 1972. They then got divorced in 1975 but they had 1 child. Taylor then got nationally recognized for her book “Song of The Trees”. It describes the life of the Logan family and is told from the perspective of 8 year old Cassie. After that she wrote “Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry”. This was the 2nd book about the Logan family. This book won a Newberry award. And then she wrote the 3rd book about the Logan Family which was “Let the Circle Be Unbroken”. This book talks about the Logan families struggle through the Great Depression. And the last book about the Logan Family is The Road to Memphis. This book shows Cassie as a high school senior in Jackson, Mississippi. She also wrote two prequels to the song of the trees, which were The Well: David 's Story and The Land. She has won many awards like Boston Globe Horn Book Award, the Jane Addams Book Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, and the Christopher Award. She currently lives in Colorado and she is currently 72 years
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