Miles Bass's Short Story: Birthday Bombing

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Bass pulled the box out of his bottom left drawer and sat it down upon his desk. Flipping the lid off to the side, he pulled out the first letter, not bothering to hide the smile that it put on his face. Picking up his drink, he refilled it before moving everything over to the chair in front of the fireplace. He spent the night reading the letters,one after the other, making sure he committed them to heart, before tossing them in the fireplace watching them burn one at a time, his memories burning along with them. It had been one week. One long week, since Miles had held a gun to his head and then fled the city. Bass still didn’t know why. Maybe that was why he was sitting here now reading every missive that Miles had ever sent him since the early days of the Republic. Funny how creating a republic was so much easier than maintaining one.…show more content…
The ”Birthday Bombing” as it was known, had scared both of them. Bass demanded that something be done about the Rebel faction in the city, taking the first steps by having the bomber and his family executed. An example had to be set. He knew that Miles hadn’t agreed with his actions, but the subject had been dropped and not brought up again. They had implemented new steps for those who wanted access into the city and had put crews on the walls, shoring up them up, looking for any breach. They were both committed to protecting their city and it’s people from rebel trash. Slamming first the box and then the glass into the fireplace, Bass stalked around the room, pulling at his hair in frustration. How could this have happened? How could the only person he had left in the world turn on him this way? Betray him like

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