Miles Davis Music Song Analysis

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Song Title: So What
Artist: Miles Davis (Music writer)
The music starts with Piano sound and little bit guitar sound in the background. Then these both sounds are overtaken by dramatic start of saxophone music. Saxophone melody is the major melody in this composition and it is the melody which is questioning or exclaiming “So what”. The music picks up speed with the engagement of all three type of instruments. After 5 minutes piano music takes over as major music. Guitar is also mixed in the melody which makes this part exceptional. The melody ends with fading sound of guitar.

Song Title: Round midnight
Artist: Thelonious Monk
The music starts with piano music and saxophone is mixed afterwards. It is the music which is giving a feel of mysteriousness at start but becomes a pleasant happening melody after four minutes. Saxophone sound along with piano takes rounds of different melodies. Some are high pitched and some are low pitched. The mix of high and low pitches make it an interesting piece of music.

Song Title: My favorite Things
Artist: John Coltrane
The song starts with drums and piano in background and the saxophone enters with happening melody like something interesting is being told in the form of story. As the favorite things continue it takes exciting twists and until climax is reached. The continuation of only drum and piano gives a consistent feel at the end. It is as if music is narrating some story.
Song Title: Bird Land
Artist: weather report
The start is

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