Miles Halter In Looking For Alaska By John Green

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1. Miles Halter
Looking for Alaska is John Green 's first novel and it is a very controversial book that narrates Miles Halter story as he moves to Alabama to attend Culver Creek Preparatory High School.
Miles Halter is Looking for Alaska’s main character and in this essay he is going to be introduced and his development during the book is going to be analyzed as well. The specific focus will answer the main question of this essay: How does high school life changes Miles Halter and helps him to grow up in Looking for Alaska by John Green?
Miles is not the typical popular high school guy and he is anti-social, his hobby is to read biographies but he just reads them to find out what the person said before he died, Miles explains with these words the reason why he likes people’s last words: “But a lot of times, people die how they live. And so last words tell me a lot about who people were, and why they became the sort of people biographies get written about.” Along the story Miles faces many interesting challenges that will help to have a better understanding of his personality and the different stages in his life over time.
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Looking for Alaska
Looking for Alaska is a young adult novel in which its author John Green intertwines the story of several young people who seek to live without any restriction various adventures during their high school years. The phrase that gives meaning to this work is said almost at the end by Miles, the protagonist. When adults say: "adolescents think they are invincible, with that stupid smile in their faces, they do not know when it is the right thing to
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