Miles In The Turn Of The Screw

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The Charming Child Expelled
In the novel The Turn of the Screw, author Henry James introduces Miles as a beautiful boy, full of delight and innocence. His beauty gains him attention and favoritism from the governess, even over his sister in the beginning. This handsome charmer Miles appears to be very well behaved at times in this ghost story, yet he is expelled from school for an unclear reason that the governess repeatedly harasses him about, possibly to the point of his mysterious death.
Early on, we learn the governess is hired to take care of an estate as well as care for two young children, including educating them. Her boss, who she has no contact with, lives in London, and he is the uncle of the children. The governess is introduced
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She speculates that the woman must be Miss Jessel who had the job of governess prior to her. Miss Jessel is no longer living. She talks to Mrs. Grose letting her know she thinks the children should know of these things. She has other encounters along the way including seeing Peter Quint near the stairway. The ghost sightings continue and sometimes she’s almost convinced by the actions of the children that they are seeing the ghosts also and the ghosts are luring them in. One day, Miles confronts the governess about when he will be returning to school, and asking about his uncle. He wants his uncle to come down and he tries pleading his case that he has been good except for one instance. The governess now decides to write to the uncle as she should have done before. She goes into Miles room to speak with him, trying once again to get information from him regarding the incidents that happened at school causing him to be expelled. She failed in her attempt as the candle gets blown out in what she considers an opportunity to save him. We learn of another time the governess confronts Miles with an uncomfortable conversation asking him if he took the letter that is missing. Mysteries continue, even as the story continues and Miles takes his last
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