Milestones Of Cognitive Development Language And Literacy Development

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Milestones Of Cognitive Development Cognitive Development Language and Literacy Development
Infants - Explores the world with senses by looking, mouthing, and grasping
- Initial reflexive actions become purposeful by four months
- As a new born scans faces
- Shows preference for contrast in visual display during first six month.
- Begins to focus attention and make choices after many interactions with people and things - Cries, coos, and responds to human language from birth
- Discriminate various speech sounds from as young as one month
- Participates in a “dialogue” of sound and gesture
- Beginning about four or five months, babbles strings of consonants and vowels, which finally shorten to one or two repetitions

- Imitates the behavior of others, such as waving goodbye
- Shows awareness of cause and effect by repeating own actions for the effect
- Develops object permanence 9(by 12 months), searches for objects and people, and protests when they disappear, retrieves a toy that has rolled behind something else by removing the obstacle - By the first birthday, speaks the first word, initially words are “holophrases” in which a single word stands for a whole sentence (e.g. “dat” for “what is that?)
- Recognizes that actions, objects, and ideas are represented by words and understands multiword utterances (e.g. “kiss mommy”)

Toddlers - Relies on sensory information but increasingly able to recall and anticipate events
- Play largely physical involving the manipulation
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