Miley Cyrus Persuasive Speech

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Well, well, well, isn't that Miley Cyrus you say?

If you really want more from Miley Cyrus, you've got your wish. Recently, Miley Cyrus was one of those who supported Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. As a way of supporting her, she decides in doing something amazing. It's something that the fans would appreciate her the most. Miley Cyrus was known to be connected in Disney's Hannah Montana. During that time, she was yet to be on the rise as a celebrity. Right now, she's one of the hottest out there. It's about time for her to step up to the plates in order to be widely know as one of the most popular and beautiful celebrities around the corner. Last Saturday, she was spotted at the George Mason University wearing an awesome dress. This is her statement for supporting Hillary Clinton all the way. She believes that Hillary Clinton would be the right fit as the next president of the United States.

This November 8, the fate of the United States is upon the votes of the people. Either it's going to be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, they make sure that
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She even has a fluffy ribbon on her own, which really makes her cute in front of them. There's a picture with two beautiful students, which she and them are making a selfie with their tongues out. On Instagram, she just posted a lot of pictures with the students to document her own visit to the George Mason University. It was indeed memorable for the students to finally see one of the rising stars of Hollywood. If they really liked her in Disney's Hannah Montana, they're going to like her even more personally. Since the presidential campaigns began, Miley Cyrus was already open in terms of politicial views. Before the feud of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, she supported Bernie Sanders first. Eventually, he dropped out of the candidacy and make way for Trump and Clinton to face each other to become the next United States
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