Milgram's Assignment: Stereotyping To Becoming A Young Mother

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The event I have chosen to discuss in this assignment is becoming a young mother. The first term to be discussed is stereotyping. Stereotyping is a set of presumptions about the identity attributes or physical traits of a segment of society. I had a stereotype about young mothers. I could not understand how a person so young would be able to cope raising a baby. At the age of 20 I found out I was expecting a child of my own. Now I was going to be a young mother and face societies stereotypes. I often found people staring at my bump, probably unintentionally but it made me want to hide away my bump because I felt they were staring at me and judging me on becoming a mother so young, wondering how I would ever manage. During my pregnancy I began…show more content…
The first limitation of Milgram’s experiment was that the people taking part were misled to the definite explanation of the experiment by allowing them to be convinced that they were giving real electric shocks to other people. A second limitation is that it is conceivable that people included in the study may have suffered long term effects in the sense that prior to the study they may have thought themselves unable to bring harm to others. A third limitation of Milgram’s experiment was he did not use a big enough section and confine his research to American men only, although Milgram studied a variety of ages and walks of life it could be disputed that he was biased. The fourth limitation of Milgram’s study was it was not deemed to be credible. It could be disputed that Milgram’s study was conducted in a mock context and cannot be related to anything in the real world. A fifth limitation in Milgram’s study of obedience is during the experiment people felt they could not quit as they felt it was not feasible to do so and eve though Milgram said at the beginning of the experiment the money given to the people taking part was theirs disregarding if they complete the study or

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