Milgram's Obedience Experiments

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In the milgram obedience study, volunteers were selected unknowingly to participate in na study in regard to compliance with authority. Participants believed that they had to induce shock on the person on the other side because they were told to do so by a higher authority. If we were to test this experiment out today, I do believe it would play a similar path. I believe that there would be conflict between authority and the participants. Still in today’s society the average person is still follows through with a higher authority figure even if something doesn’t seem right; “if a doctor says its okay, he’s a doctor he knows what he’s talking about.” That’s presumption that people have about authority figures. If I were put in a situation…show more content…
At one point, the actor is to begin showing signs of pain. At another, he is to say something along the lines of, “I have heart trouble. My hearts starting to bother me. Get me out of here!” However, the test runner is to tell the test subject to simply continue. It’s disturbing the number of people who simply continue. However, one person said, “Put me in there. He’ll do this.” at the earliest sounds of discomfort. In regard to this experiment, there is a case where a person does display empathy; I do believe that in comparison to that time era we have progressed when its come to not conforming. In the circumstances of what I would do to harm someone, it would always as I stated above about the morality. It would take a lot for me to go against myself to harm another person even if told by an authority figure, another person should never been in pain no matter, just as I gave an example of the show that did a recreation of the experiment. Milgram’s experiment should serve as a reminder that, sometimes, an authority figure’s word is not the best thing to do. This doesn’t mean we should distrust authority figures: there’s a reason they wear a uniform, and it’s because most all of them know how to best do their job. However, it should teach us to also listen to our moral compass and use our better judgement when listening to an order that may cause harm to
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