Milgram's Study Of Obedience Essay

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The Nazi’s dealt decisively with people who protested in Maulthaussen. In one incident a man who was a quarry employee protested and complained to the townsfolk on what was happening in the concentration camps, so he was made an example off. He was sent to a prison camp for eight months. At this point there were few who had complained so the town’s people saw it to be safe if they just conformed to their new circumstances. The Nazi’s used fear to control the populace in Maulthaussen and turned them into bystanders. The villagers notice the executions and torture in the camp but, fearing for their lives it is clear that they do not possess the skill or willingness to help without having the Nazi’s turn their attention to them. Moreover it is easily recognizable that if…show more content…
Milgrams study of obedience is about the tendency to conform to authority Milgram uses a doctor in a lab coat to represent authority and used volunteer subjects to shock another subject if they do not repeat three word correctly it can be compared to the villagers in Barrnetts article because Milgrams study showed that over 50% of the test subjects are willing to do what the authority the doctor in this case instructions or commands. It was proven on how far they went in shocking the other subject with the highest setting on the shocking device. The same can be linked on what the Nazi’s did to the villagers in Muanchaussen with the swift and decisive ways they took care of protesters made the Nazi’s the authority and must be adhered too in any case. And that even if people know it is wrong they still listen to the authority this is the case with the employees like the doctors and nurses also including the maintenance man working in the euthanasia camp they continue to do what they are told to do even when they know what is happening is
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