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The Past and Present Development of Mililani The island of Hawai’i is always changing, and the aloha island keeps on moving forward with no way of stopping its future growth. From it being a sad, or happy change to evan a bad, and good change. Hawai’i is always changing for the rapid growth of new residents starting to live in Hawai’i and for the positive changes for all of it’s communities. With this one special place that comes to mind, and is truly dear to me. Is known as the All-America City that is Mililani. With this special community opening it’s doors on June 3 1968, and now having the second generation of the family’s children living in Mililani starting to see all the changes that have been made. Lots of progress and changes…show more content…
The Dole Plantation was once Hawaii 's heart and soul of the agricultural industry in Hawai’i. Before Mililani was planned and developed in 1968. All the land that takes up Mililani was all before tons of acres of pineapple fields, and also for sugarcane all owned by Castle & Cooke. Then one day Castle & Cooke took a risk that paid off for them. With them knowing about Hawaii’s housing needs. Was then them given the idea of converting their own Castle & Cooke sugar, and pineapple plantation fields into a master planned community. That also offers affordable housing to Hawaii’s residents that is known as Mililani. The town of Mililani is located in the center of the island of Oahu between the known areas of Waikele and Kipapa Gulch. With the total area being about 10.2 km with 10.1 km in land, and 0.1 km of water. Mililani is also translated as “exalted” or “lifted Heavenward”, and “ to look skyward from the Hawaiians, because it in one of the highest land areas by the mountains Wolfram…show more content…
Some history about Mililani is that it was first called as “Mililani” from a Native Hawaiian known as John Papa l’i in around the 1800’s. With John first exploring Kipapa Gulch and then making a homestead up in Mililani. John Papa l’i (1800-1870) was the son of the Kona chief and attendant of Prince Liholiho (1797-1824) who is also known as King Kamehameha II. Later by King Kamehameha III, John was awarded the entire Waipi’o Ahupua’a, and it also included Mililani. Later after John Papa l’i death all the lands were leased and sold to Castle & Cooke. Some other very promising developments in Mililani area, was in 1976. Which was the H-2 Freeway opening that went through Mililani and up North side of the island. This has made it easier to travel from Mililani to Honolulu in half the time. With this has made Mililani prosperous, and then later opened in 1990, Mililani Mauka. With all this enormous growth in Mililani, it has all made Mililani one of the largest towns in Hawai’i that goes towards population. This has made Mililani High School known for as the #1 ranked high school in Hawai’i, having a decent national rank of 1210 competing with other countries, and a leading ranking school in the

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