Militaristic Approach To Xiongnu

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The Emperor should take a militaristic approach with Xiongnu because it is very costly to keep the tribute system going and our tributes may empower them, the Han should attack while they are still bigger than the Xiongnu, the Xiongnu also already proved themselves untrustworthy. As chief foreign policy adviser to the illustrious Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, I humbly recommend that the Emperor should instead take a militaristic approach because it will be very costly to continue sending tributes every year, if continued with diplomatic approach the Xiongnu could grow bigger than us and take over. For the past 50 years I have been keeping track of the price for the tributes we send to the Xiongnu, the cost rises every couple of years, we should have stopped sending tributes after they invaded us in 166 BCE, we never know when the Xiongnu will stop wanting our tributes. The cost of sending tributes to the Xiongnu rises every couple of years. (Doc 10) 51 years ago it only costed 6,000 jin to send tributes to the Xiongnu now it is 5 times more expensive, 30,000 jin. They have already invaded us in 166 BCE (Doc 4) because our gifts empowered them, they could just be waiting until we give them enough tributes and they will attack us again. We don’t know what Zhonghang Yue, the defected eunuch of the princess will say to the…show more content…
Our empire is 54 times as big as theirs (Doc 11), we should not be afraid of them. The only reason they look big is because they use tactic to look way larger than they actually are (Doc 1), if we show them we are not afraid of them now, and stop sending tributes, they will not be strong enough to end your empire. It will be simpler and cheaper for us in the long run because of cost and we would not have to frequently be on the lookout for Xiongnu raids (Doc
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