Military Aid In The Cold War

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The Cold War caused many issues between communist countries and the United States for about forty-five years, but president Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy only dealt with it for about seventeen years. While all of the Cold War presidents dealt with communism, Truman and Eisenhower favored Policy of Containment and president Kennedy favored Flexible Response. The Cold War started in 1947 and ended in 1991 so it was about 45 years (Ayer 817). The first president was Harry Truman he used Policy of Containment to deal with communist countries. The Cold War was tension between The Soviet Union and The United States Western powers (Ayer 817). Communism was the biggest part of the Cold War, communism is when all property is publicly owned and everyone gets paid the same amount (Ayers 917). All three of the president's used economic aid, military aid, and military use. Economic aid is help from one country to another (Ayer 819). Military aid is helping a country or its people on a defense or helping a poor country keep control over its territory (Ayer 823). Military use means that we force and use weapons to support countries…show more content…
President Truman gave money to greece to prevent communist countries from taking over, this is one way President Truman used economic aid (Truman t4). Another way he used economic aid is we gave the United States gave money towards winning WWII (Truman t6). We gave Greece manly weapons to prevent communist countries from taking over is military aid (Truman t2). The people of the world will fight against totalitarianism and the United States will help is us using military use (Truman t31). Truman used Containment a couple different ways one being, Turkey and Greece want to be free and do be allowed to do whatever they want (truman t4). Another way is that we will show Greece how to use their money right (Truman
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