Military Band Narrative

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The Northeast Missouri All-District Band was one of the most memorable events from my freshmen year. With the number of kids who make either the first band (All-District) or second band (Honorable Mention), several people were unfortunate on making either band. Many people from Troy made both of the bands and I was very lucky to be the only freshmen in the All-District band. The day started out with my usual stressed self; whenever auditions are held, I turn into a super-stressed person. Like many others, I get anxious like newborn bird trying to fly. I feel as if I’ll walk into the audition room and fail. Instead, I came into the audition room and played my heart out. After a few hours of waiting around, all of the Troy kids…show more content…
Everyone in the bands had to dress in nice clothes, concert black, or their marching band uniforms; Troy decided to wear our marching band uniforms, which have not come out of their bags since our last performance in November. Obviously, every person’s uniform smelled like sweat and dirt due to our uniforms not being able to get cleaned until the end of the school year. As the concert was about to begin, the auditorium felt like a Taylor Swift concert with the amount of people in there. The Honorable Mention band performed first; everyone from Troy that was in the All-District sat together as we watched our friends perform. The director of the Honorable Mention band talked in between each song, like I know our director would as well. The Honorable Mention band’s concert ended and it was time for the All-District band to take the stage. I sat in the last row of the band since I was the last chair clarinet in the band. The players in the Honorable Mention kids took their seats and watched us perform; after the concert, I met up with my parents who then said we did a wonderful job. While that’s something almost every parent says to their kids at some point or another, everyone who performed played their hearts
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