Military Brat Analysis

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But just good deals on everyday things can be debated as not the best advantage of a military brat. Katelynn argues that travelling is the best perk of being a military child. “My family has moved ten or more times since I was born and we have seen all 50 states as a family. On top of that I’ve been able to travel to multiple countries.” With the advantage of getting to live all over the world, brats get to meet some phenomenal people and ultimately end up having friends all over. Sometimes, they don’t need hotels when travelling because chances are, they know someone there. Gabrielle concluded her interview on talking about how much she enjoys having friends all over the world and getting to make new friends. “Making new friends is my top favorite thing about growing up in the military; even though I move shortly after I just move, I will always have the memories with me and it gives me something to look back upon. Memories are…show more content…
Whether a brat actually enjoyed growing up in the military and is completely opinionated. A military brat’s view on their childhood is what decides how it affected their current life. As for me, my personal life is so unbelievably different than most people I meet, but I truly get to bond with the ones that have lead a similar life. Yet, somehow each of our lives are different in the cases of moving and deployments. I have moved seven times in my 15 years of living, and I have friends that have relocated way more or less than I have. Sometimes my friends and I end up moving back together at a station, or are going through a deployment together and truly empathizing. Even though the military world is huge, every day it seems to get smaller. Because of my multitude of moves, I have met some incredible people in my lifetime. Also, I can’t deny, the benefits are pretty amazing. I have gotten to travel and experience more than some could ever imagine. I one hundred percent agree, I wouldn’t change growing up in the military for
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