Military Decision Making Model Essay

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In this chapter we will analyze the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), explaining even how it works, and then we will make a comparison between this model and the RPD-model by Klein, analyzing the strength and the weaknesses of each model.
First of all a brief overview about the military decision making process will try to define it and to explain its step.
The Military Decision making process is “a seven step process that establishes procedures for analyzing a mission; developing, analyzing and comparing courses of action against criteria of success and each other; selecting the optimum course of action and producing plan or order” (Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), p. 344). Basically is the way according to which the army takes decisions for a mission: in deed it works perfectly in
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The advantages and disadvantages could represent an interesting field from which leaving with our comparison of this model with RPD model; the decision making model by Klein, based on experience that lead people to managed crisis situation, is less time consuming than the MDMP model: it takes less time to make a decision, just because the process is an experiential one and not an analytical one. People which use the RPD model, are taking decision in a faster and quickly way, basing their choice only on their past experience, without starts with a comparison between possible option or course of action.
Nevertheless the analytical MDMP could be more feasible for certain crisis in which it is needed not a quick and fast reaction, but a deeper analysis and a clear evaluation of all the alternatives. It is a given, however, that the two model can work together, and improve their weaknesses each
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