Military Draft Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Advantages and Disadvantage of the Military Draft In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Selective Service and Training Act requiring all male citizens aged 26 to 35 to register for the military draft. The conscription ended in 1973, and since then The United States has had an all-volunteer armed forces. However, some Americans have been suggesting to reinstitute the military draft and this has been gaining more attention lately. Reactions to this idea have been both positive and negative, as citizens weigh the pros and cons of bringing back the conscript system. List of Advantages of the Military Draft 1. It eliminates multiple re-deployments and provides a stronger military. With more soldiers, there can be a sufficient…show more content…
It promotes discipline and public service in the youth. Youth who have no direction or drop out of school due to bad behavior can learn essential life skills when joining the military. They learn about responsibility, working for a greater cause, and protecting freedom. List of Disadvantages of the Military Draft 1. It violates individual liberties. Freedom of choice is a right that many Americans firmly stand up for. By taking away this liberty, citizens can feel resentment towards the governmnet and even towards the armed forces. 2.It can cause civil unrest. It won't be just those who are forced to enlist who will harbor negative opinions about the government and military. Loved ones and anti-war advocates will also be disapproving of the idea, especially since they know it is putting the lives of so many young citizens at risk. Rallies and demonstrations were very common during the Vietnam War draft. 3. It demands more financing from the national budget. Currently, the military already takes more than half of the national budget. By increasing the size of the armed forces, more fund are required. So more money will be taken from other government sectors and projects, affecting social resources and
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