Military Draft Essay

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The United States of America is the model for democracy, the foundation of true freedom, and the leader of the new frontier; and all of those titles could not have been achieved and protected without the implementation of the military draft. The military draft, which was previously known as the Selective Service Act, was originally carried out in order in provide American troops for World War One. The way it provides military troops is through a random lottery drawing of registered men in times of need. It is suitable to impose a military draft in times of need because it ensures national security by providing a greater volume of manpower to protect America’s borders from hostiles, it stimulates the global economy by mobilizing the American…show more content…
According to Charles Moskos in his essay on behalf of Georgia Tech, “The need to enhance the compensation of the career force is very pressing” (Moskos 1). Since there is a lack of payment in the career force overall, not just in the military, recruitment in the service could provide a constant source of income during and after the soldier’s employment, which would provide a foundation for his or her family’s hopes and dreams. In addition to his previous argument, Moskos also stated that because of the GI Bill, which was implemented in World War Two, “$43 billion in grants and loan subsidies goes to students who do not serve their country” (Moskos 1). The GI Bill was originally used to assist veterans from the draft get back into normal life through school loans and credit assistance. Since the 43 billion dollars is being wasted on non-draftees, money that could be used on infrastructure, unemployment subsidies, and economic development is now being spent frivolously on ordinary students and adults in America. Overall, the military draft would redirect money away from wasted financial burdens, while it could be used on the encouragement of employment in the general
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