Why We Should Not Be A Mandatory Military Draft

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“Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state”, said Thomas Jefferson. Since the beginning of history, men have been drafted into the wars whether it be by force or simply choosing to fight for their country. Millions upon trillions of families have had their families cruelly torn apart from the loss of military men. There are multiple military forces in which you have to pledge to confirm your loyalty to our country to even be involved. Military forces today such as: marines, army, coast guard, and air force have men that choose to fight for our country, risking their lives everyday. There should not be a mandatory military draft due to fact that military deployment should be by choice, not everyone is physically or mentally stable enough to handle the military setting, and if men are forced to be within the military they will not be as dedicated or fight is hard for our country, so the purpose would be defeated. First of all, military…show more content…
When you are picturing men fighting for a country, you don't picture men that don't care about the country, you picture men you have a deep love for their country and the people in it. The people fighting for your country should be dedicated to your country, because at any moment and time they can escape and turn on you revealing all the military plans set into play. Men in the military fight every day and every night for our country you have to be seriously dedicated to fight for three or four days at a time with little to no rest. For example, within a physical education class it is mandatory for you to run within the class so they don't take it seriously. While a track athlete is choosing to go to practice and be on the team so they are working hard every day to stay on the
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