Military Drones

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Are drones the best option for overseas warfare?

Are you concerned with your safety from foreign threats? If you are like me you frequently have concerns about the safety of our country. To keep this country safe sometimes we have to take the necessary precautions to make sure that happens. In Daniel Byman 's article "Why Drones Work" he presents some major points about why our military should continue the use of drones in overseas military operations and why they are effective at what they do. He argues that the use of drones overseas poses no threat to U.S. forces and that the attacks produce fewer casualties than other alternative fighting methods that are currently used. Byman claims that the drone strikes are very effective at eliminating threats overseas and
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He goes on to claim that during president Obama 's first four years he signed off on over 400 drone counterterrorism operations. This caused the drones to become a key aspect of the United States counterterrorism operations. Byman makes the claim that the drone program in the U.S. is going to stay because other countries will also be building their own drone programs. The first main reason that the drones are going to stay is because they work, and the Obama administration relied on the drones because they are very effective. Drones eliminate threats will little to no civilian casualties, and Byman makes this point very clear in his article().Byman then goes on to claim that the drones have done their most important job by killing "key leaders" and terrorist sanctuaries in the areas of Pakistan, and Yemen. Byman also makes the point that the drones have done a great job in devastating al Qaeda and other anti- American militant groups. The drones have also accomplished this task with little financial cost compared to sending in troops on the ground, and with fewer civilian casualties than any other

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