Military Drones Research Paper

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The Military has been using drones to carry out many assignments to complete missions . Should drones truly be used for military action or not all? Whether one personally believes that the drones should be allowed to take operation in the military or not, they can and should be used for underwater missions or even to protect the general public when an outbreak strikes. Firstly, drones can carry out underwater missions that most humans will not t be able to accomplish without a waterproof drone. In Manama, Bahrain, “The U.S. Navy is putting underwater drones through wartime-style drills as part of international mine-clearing exercises in the Persian Gulf…,” (US Navy). According to this fact, they are using drones in a war-time scenario and this is signified by how the military is testing drones for when war strikes and they can attack underwater without too many casualties. Also, “Navy commanders insist…show more content…
Some people say that “Drones are against international law,” (Ten). Another piece of information show that some people might negatively say about drones are “Drones remain in secrecy,” (Ten). These are significant because drones cannot help reduce public privacy, yet drones have not really been viewed as an advancement by many. Meanwhile , some online shopping services, such as Amazon, plan to use drones that can deliver someone’s purchase to the buyer in a mere 30 minutes or a bit more (Amazon). In conclusion, the military should, in fact, use drones because they can complete underwater missions and can protect the general public from potential outbreaks. People are already training with drones underwater for a wartime scenario (US Navy). Drones can also be armed with weapons to help perform missions, or as stated earlier, protect the general public from unsuspected outbreaks. Do not forget that in the near future drones will eventually become part of everyday

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