Military Infrastructure

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Military Infrastructure
Military infrastructure refers to the buildings and permanent installations for support, redeployment and operation of military forces (Wikipedia). Governments all over the world usually tend to invest a lot in military. However, information on what percent of it actually goes into the improvement and creation infrastructure is not readily available. For simplicity, in this journal, whatever information is available on military expenditure is assumed to be a fair representative of the actual military infrastructure expenditure.
In this journal, I intend to contrast the scale, trend and the implications of expenditure on military infrastructure by two countries namely- India and The United States of America.
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The decision to cut down the expenditure means reduction in number of bases and corresponding slice in funding, hence, increasing the friction between the states to have a base in their state.
• It is also less likely that the funds diverted from military expenditure immediately produce equivalent economic activity and returns in other forms thereby, hampering the economy.
According to an article by Business Insider, immediate slashing of expenditure is sure going to be a problem to its economy. So, it suggests continuing spending the diverted budget so that fairly equivalent economic activity continues without impacting the number of jobs. This can be done by rerouting the funds to the development and renovation of new and existing domestic infrastructure respectively. According to a recent estimate, the US needs to spend more than $3 trillion on its infrastructure for repair and maintenance. This is the best way of slow and promising diversion of military spending.
Therefore, a step taken to cut down military expenditure in the US will probably impact the domestic infrastructure of the
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Clearly, from the data it is necessary for India to raise its budget because firstly, it has never spent strategically or judiciously on military infrastructure. Recent developments also trigger the need for improved DRDO and related activities. On the other hand, it is felt unnecessary to spend huge sums on US military as it has enough resources.
From the statistics presented, India’s expenditure is nowhere close to that of US. But, considering the super lengthy border that India shares with its neighbours, it is definitely important for India to draw inspiration from some of the highly successful countries in terms of their military strategies and policies and scale up its expenditure for all future military

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