Military Involvement In Homeland Security

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The Department of Homeland Security has come a long way since it’s creation post 9/11 and without a doubt it can be said that current policies should change according to the changes that will come especially with the use of technology, strategically planning, and intelligence collected. We have seen recent uprising that use the Internet as a way to get others onboard with their cause and this can be used not just for foreign groups but domestic groups equally. One can hope that these grants and training extended to the local law enforcement by Homeland Security or the federal government will also encompasses and taken into consideration these changes into the future polices.

Military Involvement in Homeland Security
The nation’s military has a history
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The protection of United States territory, sovereignty, population, and critical infrastructure against external threats and aggression is a main mission for the military. Although military size has decreased over the past years it is apparent that the advances in the technology by way of the military development is necessary. Regardless of the decrease in size the military paired with it’s capabilities for homeland security, which by definition is different then homeland defense. The military plays a huge part in both homeland efforts.
“Homeland security is defined as: a concerted national effort to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce the vulnerability of the United States to terrorism, and minimize the damage and assist in the recovery from terrorist attacks. Homeland defense is defined as: the military protection of United States territory, domestic population, and critical defense infrastructure against external threats and aggression. It also includes routine, steady state activities designed to deter aggressors and to prepare U.S. military forces for action if deterrence fails.” (Bowman,

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