Military Is Better Than College Essay

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My opinion on this topic would be that it would be better to go to the military than college. If you wanted a better financial life don't go to college you may lose a lot. For you to go to a good college you have to have amazing grades or a lot of money and you may want to switch classes, and that could cost a lot of cash just for a textbook. They could be over $500 dollars you could go to any library find the same stuff that is in that book and save hundreds and learn More. Sometimes you only use them once or twice. If you go to the military you get many things for free such as light, heat and water you don't have any bills. You even get your own holiday who doesn't want that. Sure some people don't want to go overseas or go through basic…show more content…
That could mean job security, greater social mobility, or the ability to afford the big things like a house. If you question whether college repays what you invest in time and money, read the research done by organizations like the College Board or the Pew Research Center. Every year, these groups release studies that show how a college education opens doors to a multitude of

benefits, including the ones higher education can prepare you for work, but also give you the flexibility to change jobs and job locations. What's more, your degree or certificate can act as a springboard, providing your career upward mobility below. Unemployment rates are lower for workers with a higher education degree. College gives you the foundation to adapt to changing business conditions throughout your life, so you won't get left behind. Another plus: If laid off, you're likely to find re-employment faster.Economists say higher education comes with an earnings premium. What does that mean? For employers, a degree or certificate means greater expertise,
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