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Running Head: MILITARY LEADERSHIP 1 MILITARY LEADERSHIP 2 Military Leadership: Case of Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle Name of Author: Institution: Date: Introduction Effective leadership is widely accepted as a vital component to ensuring performance of teams and organizations. In military circles, good leadership is one that reflects the ethical code of conduct as well as driving units to the anticipated vision in future. A military elite has an immense role in making critical decisions, at the time to ensure attainment of results. In the modern times, issues of workforce diversity, the explosion of technology and limited resources shape how military leaders lead teams to desired directions. The current paper analyses the personality…show more content…
In this case, Cold Doolittle did not make an in-depth consideration of the state of Japanese preparedness. For instance, Peck (2017) argues that shouldn’t the fliers been lucky; they would have run into Japan’s Combined Fleet which was instrumental in the Pearl Harbor attack. They did, however, meet and manage to sink Nitto Maru, a disguised fishing boat which formed the basis of Japanese knowledge of imminent strike by US forces. Another wave of luck came about when the imperial forces miscalculated the attack, placing it on the morning of 19th as opposed to other words, such a count provide that the Col risked his men by flying into a ‘dark’ mission. It emphasizes the fact that the mission was not adequately prepared and options laid out. Would have the sixteen B-25 bombers that flew from USS Hornet met with a full Japanese fleet, it would be very disastrous. Indeed, colonel’s plan and actions did not take care of such grey areas, leading to capture and execution of some of the airmen. Therefore, it is evidently shown that the colonels failed to create alternatives to protect lives of his men. He put them into a suicidal mission without an informed exit plan thus showing his low ethical standing as a military leader. 3. Personal Relevance The case of Doolittle Raiders is an easy-to-understand showing the nature and characters of Lt. Col…show more content…
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