Military Leadership Challenges

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Relations with subordinates and chiefs can interfere with a quick and efficient decision making, which is of paramount importance, in the light of the large amounts of information a modern military leader is confronted to. Indeed, the challenges we will be focusing on are generated by human relations, namely interaction between the leader and his team. The examples developed will mainly be concentrated on daily life difficulties faced by young cadets.

First and foremost, modern warfare is different from traditional warfare, in the sense that military leaders are confronted to collaboration with foreign personnel, with a different cultural background. Not only do they have to adapt to a certain culture and way of seeing things, but they also have to understand the differences and accept the fact that their orders may be misinterpreted. The most
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However, bearing in mind that in most armies noncommissioned officers can become commissioned officers, those who do also become officer cadets and get training. These people have already been specialised in their own field thus know more than the new cadets in those areas, but they also have more military experience. This is a great opportunity for the cadets to appreciate how challenging it can sometime be to work with people who outqualify them in certain areas. The training of noncommissioned officers as commissioned officers further has great potential for the new cadets: uniting them in leadership exercises is an extremely valuable experience of working with more qualified personnel. Uniting the two, beyond helping the new cadets to appreciate the challenges a military leader faces when interacting with his team, also allows them to get to know the armed forces better and quicklyer, thus helping them in their future

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