Case Study: The Ideal Warrior

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CHAPTER 5 THE IDEAL WARRIOR I do what I do because it is the right thing to do. I am a warrior & it is the way of the warrior to fight superior odds. Paul Watson 1. To be morally & ethically upright is the hallmark of a true warrior. As an organization, the very first thing we need to do is to accept that Ethics are declining in the system & there is a drastic need to correct the same. To this effect a few solutions are offered in the subsequent paragraphs. The recommendations are subdivided as below:- (a) National Effort. (b) Organisational Changes. (c) Ethics Training Framework. (d) Unit/ Sub Unit Level. (e) Individual Level. 2. National Effort. Following solutions are recommended by the researcher to be implemented at the national level:-…show more content…
Unit/ Sub Unit Level. Commanders need to utilise the religious teachers in their units not only to perform religious ceremonies but also to talk about ethics as given in religious scriptures. Commanding Officers need to make ethical behaviour as fundamental part of character of their command & this they can do so by giving due importance to spiritual training. The administrative inspection reports of various units & formations must include reporting on its ethical environment. Regular sessions & classes must be held both formally & informally with the men to make them realize the importance of ethical conduct & its implications on counter insurgency operations. Open house discussions must be held once in a month at the formation level to encourage brain storming on sensitive issues & cull out ethical lessons which can later be disseminated for implementation by…show more content…
Individual Level. Buddy system should be strictly enforced in the training centres until it becomes a habit. A correctly identified buddy is instrumental in ensuring that a soldier has a shoulder to vent out his feelings on ethical dilemmas & at the same time ensure that any notion of ethical misconduct by an individual is nipped in the bud by his buddy. Individuals must also be encouraged to report honestly any ethical infraction by him or his sub unit to ensure that a healthy ethical climate is maintained at all times. The soldier also needs to be groomed to be fearless & report cases of infractions promptly without the fear of

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