Military Leadership: Military Leader George S. Patton

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Military Leader George S. Patton

Adaptive leadership is the drive to find ways to approach complex situations. Adaptive leaders are able to create cultural norms, great plans and expectations that cause positive transformation to occur. One of the greatest United States leaders that I found to uphold these traits would be General George S. Patton, reason being he was able to create new ideas that were able to drive incredible outcomes in a crucial time.
On November 11th, 1885 the hardnosed man General George S. Patton was born. From the very beginning of his life General Patton knew that someday he wanted to be a military leader. As a young boy he took a huge interest in anything related to the military. For example, when his father would have army friends over he would beg them to tell him war stories. General Patton was so involved in the military that by the age of seven he was reading advanced military maps. By the age of ten people started to not General Patton was doing very poor in school and although it was probably because he was paying so much attention to military aspects his parents decided to place him in a private school. After high school General Paton wanted to get into West point but had to settle for the Virginia Military Institute until he found an appointment that allowed him to get accepted.
Bearing the key factor of a leader such as the seven leadership values; loyalty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage General Patton
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