Military Leadership Style

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I founded out very interest of military leadership is difference from the way business leadership management. The article of “Leadership Lesson from West Point” characterizes leadership in two different conducts. The ways that people life matter by their decision making and direction. Leadership defines as the action of leading a group of people or organization. They creates an inspiring vision of the future, motivates, coaches and do the right thing. The purpose of leadership is to delivers results to other and reasons why people should follow her / him. In this article it describes the kind of military leadership efficiency and the importance of the situation to leadership achievement the organization mission or goals. There basic obligations as leaders are to execute of the mission and the welfare of the soldiers. The chain of command is the direct order in an organization who have straight…show more content…
In this respect leadership is a more knowledgeable activity. One of the duty strategic leader is to look ahead to regulate what the military will be required to do and thus how it must be structure to satisfy national objectives. Vision is a key issue for organization accomplishment and existence. The conclusion of the article stress the important of military leadership to the soldiers and organization. As a good leader must have though knowledge of command fundamentals such as policies, authority, responsibility, military discipline and chain of command. The leader must BE a person of strong and honorable character. Must KNOW the factors of leadership and how they affect each other. And must DO provide direction, purpose, motivation, plans, solving problems and setting goals. This article of leadership from West Point fall under the Leadership
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