Military Mre Essay

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Giving armies easy access to key nutrients is essential to keep soldiers ready for combat. MRE 's or Meals Ready to Eat are commonly used through all militaries around the world to keep their armies well fed and ready to go. Military MRE 's are a simple source of nutrients and calories for men and women in war.
A MRE is the main source of food for troops at war. The first MRE 's used were sea ration and K-rations from World War II. Those rations were later turned into MRE 's. The Department of Defense combat ration designed the MRE to" Be able to withstand a 1,250 feet parachute drop and a one-hundred foot non-parachute drop" (Tegel 3). This meant that paratroopers were able to bring MRE 's along even if they were jumping out of a plane. MRE 's have made eating in war
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MRE 's must be nutritional for soldiers to stay healthy. The Army Surgeon General is in charge of making sure operational rations are nutritional. MRE 's were made to give troops a splendid amount of energy and protein. They usually contain "3,819 kcals of energy and 136 grams of protein" (Graham-Harrison 2). Some troops will additionally take amino acid supplements and protein powder along with their meals. Ready to go meals are immensely nutritious and are as equally effortless to prepare.
It is important for soldiers to have a quick and efficient way to maintain their food. MRE 's have "evolved significantly over the last thirty years" (Graham-Harrison 2). Troops needed a way to transport food easily so they can keep their armies well fed. MRE 's did just that, they had long shelf lives, and were easy to prepare. MRE 's are constantly changing to provide the best possible source of food for soldiers in war.
MRE 's are a straightforward source of protein and energy that keeps soldiers going. They have been around for a long time and are a healthy meal for troops in battle. Servicemen and women sacrifice so much for their country so it is important for them to have a quality and healthy meal
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