Military Personal Narrative

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Coming from BCT to my unit was a big change. You go from standard military bearing to a laid back informal style. I arrive to my unit in July of 2008, from that point until January 2010 was spent training for a deployment. Now there is nothing that can prepare you for a deployment. You can go through all the briefings and all the trainings you want but nothing will prepare you for it. The day came to board the bus set out for a foreign country. I little about me first I am a very keep to myself person. I show zero emotion, as when I was a child I was poked fun at for showing any type of emotion. Once I boarded that bus I broke down and started to cry. I more I thought about it the more uneasy I became. I had to hold it together for…show more content…
This is a man that I looked up to and emulated. SGT Watker was my roommate for the whole deployment. From the day I entered the unit he was the kind of Soldier that I wanted to be like. When we entered the bus to leave our families originally we flew out to a Mobilization Site in Indiana. Which we did more training for a few months. Once the box was checked there we loaded a plane for Afghanistan. The longest plane ride I have ever been on. Before we could land in Afghanistan we need to land and stay in a country near Russia for a couple days and take a military plane into Afghanistan. The most uncomfortable flight ever, image a can of sardines. You open it and see how they are packed in there that is what it’s like on the plane for a few hours. You can’t move, your carry-on is on your lap, the seats are two inches smaller in width then your hips. Then all of a sudden the plane does a straight nose dive, your stomach is in your throat, your bladder is yelling at you. Next thing you know you hear the skid of your tires on the tarmac in Afghanistan. As I deplane the aircraft and catch myself standing still in the middle of the tarmac staring up at the sky wondering where am I. Scary at first but one of
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