Military Police Corps Essay

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Have you ever wanted to be a cop? What about a soldier? In this specific MOS you can be the best of both worlds! In the army, there is a MOS specifically for those two things. The MOS is 31B, Military Police. In the Army the Military Police, or MPs do a lot of different things from MP duties or even CID duties. So from all of this, this paper is going to be about what every soldier has to go through for basic and ait, and the history if the military police corps.
The Military Police Corps started September 26, 1941 for the main aspect of order in the army. Its traditions of duty and service establish its solid foundation as recognized professionals in our armed services. Soldiers have been performing police duties from the time of the Revolutionary War. “After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Military Police Soldiers have been in constant action
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“Basic Combat Training (BCT) is a training course that transforms civilians into Soldiers. Over the course of ten weeks, recruits will learn basic tactical and survival skills along with how to shoot, rappel, and march. They will also learn the basics of Army life and military customs, including the Seven Core Army Values.” (Go Army) Each branches basic varies, but in the Army, basic training is 10 weeks long. For Military Police, basic training is in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Basic starts with reception which is where you get issued all of your gear. After that, basic is divided into three phases. First phase is red phase. Red phase is when the Drill Sergeants are on you the hardest. They will always be in your face and smoking you. White phase is the next phase. Drill Sergeants start giving you leeway and smoking you less. Blue phase is when you get close to graduation and you barely get smokes and the Drill Sergeants are very lenient with what you do. After graduation you get sent to AIT, your job
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