Military Power: The Main Causes Of World War I

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Military power became very popular during World War I because everybody wanted to show off their military power. People also thought that the military should be glorified and respected because the military was in control of the government. Nations thought that if they had a strong military, it would make them great. But these thoughts lead nations trying to build a stronger navy to show its power. So this made militarism one of the main causes of World War I. Britain first had a great navy, so Germany wanted a great navy as well. This left Germany and France competing for larger armies. And the more one nation built up its army, the more other nations wanted to do the same. This was the cause of the alliance system. For the next twenty years, the nations of Europe have been making alliances. The alliances were thought to promote peace, that the nations would protect each other. But the danger of the alliances came when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Austria-Hungary by Serbia. This is when the peace between the alliances broke when Austria-Hungary and Serbia led to World War I. Imperialism was also another cause of World War I because the nations of Europe ruled smaller countries that were colonies and nations competed with each other to get more colonies. Nations collecting colonies became known as imperialism. First, France and Britain both owned many colonies in Asia and Africa, so then Italy and Germany decided that they also wanted to build a colonial

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