Military Pros And Cons Essay

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1. The United States (US) military is the strongest, most lethal military in the world. Leading the way in global defense, the US military is a force to be reckoned with. Having a strong military not only ensures the freedom and safety of American citizens, but ensures that it is able to protect and defend those around the world that cannot defend themselves. Like many of the US federal and state institutions, the military is currently facing steep budget cuts. Although these cuts are deemed necessary and acceptable by a large percentage of the population and our elected officials due to assumed overspending, the budget cuts to the military will affect military readiness more than anything. To get a better understanding of how these budget cuts will affect military readiness, one con, one pro, and a
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In conclusion, it has been affirmed that the negative consequences outweigh any positives that the military budget cuts could have. The cuts to the military budget will affect military readiness; to confirm these effects, one con, one pro, and a plus one supporting the con were reviewed. The con was a review of cuts to the modernization of the military’s equipment, to include the lack of air power ability for the Marines as well as the continued use of antiquated Abram tanks. The pro was a forced look at some of the wasteful programs within the military, this gave some insight as to what programs should be cut to avoid wasted taxpayer money. Lastly, to further bolster the argument that military budget cuts will indeed affect military readiness more than anything, the pay and entitlement decreases for the Warfighters were reviewed. Cuts to the Warfighter’s benefits and the lack of modernization of the equipment that they use, will affect general morale and retention rates in the military, directly affecting the readiness of the US military. No cost saving is worth hurting the capabilities of our
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