Military Reassignment Research Paper

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I SrA Dofonso Fernando am writing this letter on behalf of my family and myself. I believe I would benefit from a humanitarian reassignment. I am applying for reassignment to Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nevada due to financial, emotional, and health circumstances. This reassignment would benefit the military and I as I could focus on my health and my family’s health, organize finances and have the ability to provide for my family if I was not geographically separated. The financial burden of maintaining a household in both Hawaii and Nevada, due to our physical separation at this time, is also a hardship on our marriage and ability to exist as a family. My original tour was an accompanied tour for four years and my current DEROS is September 3rd,…show more content…
I believe these symptoms would be managed once I am reunited with my family and focused on serving out my military obligation. A reassignment would benefit both the military and my family as I would be able to concentrate my energy towards the mission and not solely on my personal life and the hardships of my family. If I was able to be reassigned to Nellis AFB, I could more sufficiently tend to my family and could focus on being there for my wife, unborn child, and toddler son, as this is an issue I struggle with daily and finding it hard to focus on daily task. My wife is also requiring a cesarean for the birth of our child. Katherine will be unable to care for our toddler and our newborn after she gives birth and the extra added expenses of a newborn would also pose a threat with 2 households. I only ask you to consider allowing me to continue my Air Force career being able to take care of my responsibilities. Thank you for your time and consideration in this serious and meaningful
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