Military Role Analysis

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Everyone preforms different roles throughout their life; these roles shape the tasks they choses to do. Personally, I have many roles or jobs to fulfill, and it feels like I am extremely overworked. I have a part time job at Lowe’s unloading trucks. In addition, I am a soldier for the United States’ Army. I am also a Freshman student at UVA Wise and most of my time is spent in the classroom. However, the most important role I preform is being a father; I am a father to my daughter, Adley. She is a one-and-a-half-year-old ball of energy. All of the roles I play in life may appear overwhelming to others and at times I feel overworked, but I would not change anything because it has made me the man I am today. Working a part time job is challenging when put in prespective to my busy life. I work at Lowes doing the most…show more content…
Due to personal matters, I only get to see and spend time with her on the weekends and most of Wednesday. Adley is a one-and a-half year old, blonde hair, blue eyes, ball of energy. She is the best thing that has happen to me, even though it is a lot of work to take care of her. On Fridays, I pick her up at two and we start the day with a long walk down the street. We are both pretty tried afterword so we end up going out to eat. She has her favorite, fruit and vegetables. Next, we like to rest and watch movies; Frozen is her favorite. After we rest, we play outside more and may even get in the swimming pool. When things start calming down, we end the day playing on the sleeping bag. We just have fun, eat, and rest until Sunday. Then I have to say goodbye until Wednesday. We spend our time on Wednesday at my grandmother’s house. We play all day and she usually finishes our time with a nap on the ride home. Being a father is the one role I have in life that makes me
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