Military Role In Human History

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1. Humans throughout the history came in contact with each other through wars, negotiations, cultures exchanges etc. The role of the military in human history is important and pervasive. Militaries were made to protect the people from other powers, but this role has been over-ruled by militaries worldwide. The role of protecting people has been transformed into ruling over them. The military intervention in the domestic affairs of a state is not new to human civilization. But with the evolution of new world order, this phenomenon has reduced to a great extent in the developed world largely on account of civilian oversight.
2. Vital issues of statecraft and national security are determined by the pattern of institutional interaction between the civil and military components of a nation’s polity. The ordering of Civil – Military relations (CMR), therefore, lies at the heart of a nation’s security framework1. While being rooted in the firm and unambiguous political control of the military, a robust and vibrant relationship produces a polity that is alive to the nuances of national security and wise to the uses of military power. Those which fail to develop such a balance tend to get enveloped by stasis, squander scarce resources and run uncalculated risks.
3. Pakistan was not at all born as a military state but the military has ruled the country more than the civilians in its short history. After Partition, the military shaped the politics of Pakistan in several ways. Set of

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