Military Sexual Trauma Victims Analysis

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In a hollow smug hallway, Harper’s life changed in those two horrific minutes. She used all her force and power to escape, but he had a stronger grip. She yells, “STO…” but doesn’t get the chance to complete the word with her body in shock and pain till she passes out. She tried to comprehend what happened and why he attacked her, till the nurse comes back after getting the whole story to tell her she should keep this attack quiet. Harper was an enlisted member in the military and is one in a million of service members who get sexually assaulted and harassed in the military. Harper quit the military since she was forced to work with her attacker and learned later that she had MST, military sexual trauma, which is why she couldn’t sleep or why she would get nervous when anyone started to get close. She rejected everyone from her life and ended up depressed and suicidal to the point where she decided that her life was no longer worth living for and killed herself. With that situation in mind, victims…show more content…
The treatment process for MST victims varies with the severity of MST, but there are several different treatments that are available now from the Department of Veteran Affairs since the recent numbers of reports are getting extremely high. The ultimate goal is to provide all MST victims cost free treatment so they can move on with their life. “Identifying these veterans early and helping them to access evidence-based treatments in a timely fashion may prevent the long-term problems that untreated veterans have experienced.” {{14 Shiner,Brian 2012;}} Remember Harper? She ignored her symptoms till they consumed her, so making sure victims receive treatment or at least talking to someone will
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