Military Soldier Research Paper

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A Simplistic Soldier
Military veterans are inspirational and significant in a variety of ways. Whether or not they have been through huge heroic battles, accoladed or witnessed grave emotional or physical trauma, soldiers of the United States military are all recognized with extreme bravery and courage. My grandfather does not have the stereotypical soldier story. However, being a Vietnam War veteran, he is greatly inspirational to me. I strive to be like him in many ways. He is overall happy with his life and brings willingness and positivity into any situation he is in. My grandfather is hard working, no matter what task is placed before him, and despite the obstacles that may face him. His name is Bill Murray, and there is much more to his
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He attended Carolina High School in Greenville, South Carolina. He never particularly enjoyed school. Regardless of him being athletic and being on both the baseball and varsity football team, his true passion was cars. When Bill was seventeen years old, he went on a group date with his buddies and met the love of his life and future wife, Gayla Gregory. She lived in Chicago but was down in South Carolina for a few months visiting her uncle. Gayla was dating J.D. Stegall, Bill’s best friend at the time, but Bill and Gayla had a stronger connection than J.D. and herself. Two years separated the couple and just two years after they met, they got married. At nineteen years old and with a new bride, Bill was drafted into the Vietnam War in…show more content…
Gayla moved up there to be closer to her family when Bill was overseas. They were going to start their life together up there. They had an apartment and Bill even had a job lined up for him. A few days after being in Chicago, he decided he just did not want to live there. The environment and everything about Chicago was entirely different than his hometown of Greenville. He took the next flight out to South Carolina, while Gayla and Eva stayed behind for a few weeks before moving with him. While they were all in the same state again, they both began adjusting back to their lives in South Carolina. In the mid 1970s, they had another child, Lynda, and moved to
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