Preemptive Military Strike Advantages And Disadvantages

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There are many advantages as well as disadvantages to launching a preemptive military strike. The advantages of a preemptive military strike are; to use this as a scare tactic, to portray that the United States is willing to use force. Therefore, will boost the United Sates’ power, as follows reinforcing their reputation. Aforementioned, after reaching to the top, this will urge them to succumb. An example of a comparable case, is when the United States dropped a bomb on two cities in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which took place in 1945, after Japan deliberately kept on fighting and did not stop. The exact situation we are in. In addition, to strike their nuclear factory or lab to stop furthermore development of weapons, which will decrease their number of nuclear weapons and deter their ability to strike back. For this reason, they will be in for a very…show more content…
The advantages of the withdrawal from the Korean Peninsula are; this will allow the United States to use their time, money, and effort somewhere else rather than putting in effort and not getting anything in response. Whereas, they can use that money and military troops to invest in their own security and to improve their nation. The disadvantages of the withdrawal from the Korean Peninsula are; by withdrawing, this way the United States grant North Korea to endure with their nuclear program. This will be a possibility that North Korea will sell their nuclear weapons, and might settle in the hands of rebellious countries or terrorists. Nevertheless, this action could be seen as a symbol of weakness, especially in the eyes of North Korea. Which will make them believe that they are robust than the United States. Withdrawing from the Korean peninsula will leave behind their border countries making them defend themselves, will motivate them to utilize their own nuclear program considering the feelings of
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