Military Suicide Analysis

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"I love my country, but my country doesn 't love me." Those are the words used in the story of Major Lance Waldorf who was a commander, colleague, and friend of many people. Sadly, he committed suicide because after being called to war over 7,000 miles away to fight for the oppressed, his country had restricted him of his children; forced him into poverty; turned him into a criminal; and doomed him to prison. Relationship and financial troubles were the primary risk factors associated with his death. Let 's take a closer look at the key facts of suicide in the military, the role social workers play, and suicide prevention. According to Rubin, Weiss, and Coll (2013), the number of suicide deaths in the military are growing. Military suicide data from 2010, showed that 295 service members died by suicide, half of them were visiting military treatment facilities within three months of death. Although military and civilian suicides share many risk factors, military suicide data indicated that relationship, legal, and financial troubles are primary risk factors related to those who died by suicide. To elaborate, such risk factors may include prior suicide attempts, family history of suicide, history of mental health disorders (mainly depression) or substance abuse, feelings of…show more content…
To better identify risk factors in a timely manner, social workers and providers should have a clear understanding of civilian suicide risk factors as well as those related to military suicide when conducting suicide assessments. In addition, they should educate family members about using self-care techniques and how to recognize potential warning signs. By educating families on those important things, they can better manage their own emotions and provide prevention tools to better help an at risk service member (Rubin, Weiss, and Coll, 2013). As evidence by relationship troubles being one of the primary risk factors associated with suicide, family support is vital in preventing suicide
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