Military Uniforms-Personal Narrative

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And before Anders had a chance to reply to the question a distressed call came in. “all units, there are a group of friendlies at the Mall by Paragon Street.” Reaching out and taking control of the mic, Rachel said “this is unit four, we are in route.” A confused voice came through and asked “unit four, you were supposed to guard the local area.” Keying the mic, Rachel replied with a sneer on her face “Paragon Street, in nearby, us. And we are heading there.” The next thing that was heard was the dispatcher calling out “all units, unit four is in route.” And repeated that message. Motioning to Mandy, to turn frequencies, and with a thumbs up from her, Rachel talked in to the mic and said “we have a game, fire teams one, three, and six are coming with …show more content…

And we need to evac as soon as possible.” And with that he turned the key and Rachel saw, many other people, huddling together. Seeing several people where from a Japanese heritage, and a few other people in military uniforms. Who looked as though, they been fighting in a trench for many years without a break. Contemplating on what the man said, she asked “why do we need to hurry?” Seeing the man’s eyes dart around, confirmed everything her feeling has told her, this places is not safe. “There is a creature, here. And it is not one of those zombies.” Cocking her gun, Rachel replied “did it have purple eyes?” Turing his eyes to Rachel, he said “you have seen them, haven’t you?” the man said as he tried to close the door. “No, I have only seen their eyes. They had vibrant eyes, and they leave heavy foot prints.” Rachel remarked, trying to hide how scared she really was. For some reason the sight of those eyes, were enough for her. “Exactly, we need to leave….” The man started to say, before he was cut off by a screech. Opening the door, Rachel motioned to everyone, to follow her, “come on everyone, now is the time to

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